Linda Hicks Memorial Scholarship

How To Apply For Linda Hicks Memorial Scholarship

This memorial scholarship is intended to honor the love and legacy of Linda Hicks.

Linda was a loving person with a kind heart and generous spirit. As a survivor of childhood abuse by a family member and domestic violence, Linda demonstrated the courage to overcome many obstacles to provide better opportunities for herself and children. She enjoyed working, gardening, providing service and fellowshipping with others. Linda also served as a caretaker to elderly and disabled family members and often made personal sacrifices to provide better opportunities for herself and children. However, throughout her life’s journey, Linda struggled with depression from childhood abuse and intimate partner abuse and violence she experienced as an adult. She developed an alcohol addiction and often suffered in silence during a time when limited support and resources were accessible and available to her.

A lot of progress has been made to assist women with education, tools and resources on how to safely leave abusive relationships or overcome trauma and substance addictions that were not available to Linda. This scholarship is intended to prepare and educate future generations to understand how to develop and enhance partnerships, innovate new approaches, tools and practices to help combat domestic violence and addiction to help prevent occurrences and effectively respond when victims need help.

Although violence and addiction impacts all races, cultures, genders, religious affiliation, ages, educational and socioeconomic background with the same underlying issues, research reveals that African American women experience a higher percentage of unreported domestic violence and abuse in their lifetime.

This scholarship seeks to assist African American women who have been directly impacted or have a loved one that has experienced an abusive relationship and/or substance addiction.

To apply, please tell us how you have or plan to assist others in leaving abusive relationships and/or substance abuse addictions. Students majoring in social services or health and human services are strongly encouraged to apply.

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