48 Scholarships For Nursing Students

Latest Scholarships For Nursing Students

Scholarships for nursing students are essential for anyone who wants to pursue their educational dream without incurring unnecessary debt. Fortunately, many organizations want to encourage students to pursue healthcare careers. As a result, there are often far more nursing scholarships than students expect.

Regardless of where your student is in their academic career, there are likely nursing student scholarships available that could meet their needs. If your student has their sights set on a career in nursing, here’s what they need to know.

48 Scholarships For Nursing Students
48 Scholarships For Nursing Students


Many students wonder if they qualify for scholarships and grants for nursing school. In reality, eligibility requirements typically vary. As a result, students may qualify for some awards and not others.

Ultimately, the awarding institutions get to set any rules regarding eligibility. In most cases, the biggest part of the equation is the student’s official major or program of study. For nursing grants and scholarships, often have to pursue a qualifying degree or credential, such as:

  • Diploma in Practical Nursing
  • Nursing Assistant Certification
  • Associates in Nursing
  • Bachelors in Nursing
  • Masters in Nursing
  • Doctor of Nursing

Some awards focus on specific educational levels. For example, nurse practitioner scholarships are limited to those aiming at a Masters, while RN to BSN scholarships target students who already have an Associates – allowing them to work as an RN in many states – and want to secure their Bachelors to advance their careers.

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Along with having the right major, students will have to meet other requirements. Precisely what that entails can vary depending on the awarding organization.

For example, there are male nurse scholarships that limit applicants to men, while minority nurse scholarships may focus on specific races or ethnic backgrounds. Nursing scholarships for international students concentrate on students who aren’t American citizens or lawful permanent residents, while military-associated nursing grants and scholarships may be limited to veterans or those who are willing to serve after graduating.

There can be requirements beyond that as well. Financial need is common for many private and government nursing scholarships. Having a strong academic performance in science courses is typical, and some scholarship committees seek out students with a history of community service, too.

Since the requirements can vary, students need to look closely at each nursing scholarship program to see whether they qualify. That way, they can focus their energies on the right awards, increasing their odds of success.


Generally speaking, there are two types of nursing scholarships and grants. First, there are awards that focus on nursing school students specifically. Second, there are generally healthcare scholarships that can be used for nursing programs and select medical or healthcare majors outside of nursing.

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With the former, one of the key requirements is usually being enrolled in a qualifying nursing program or at an eligible nursing school. While there may be more to eligibility than that, that requirement is typically the basis for deciding whether a student qualifies.

With the latter, students studying healthcare-related majors may also qualify. That could include any medical major, as well as specific policy, community health, or sociological majors. As a result, competition for these awards may be fiercer, as a broader range of students is likely to qualify. However, that doesn’t mean they aren’t worth pursuing, especially since additional eligibility requirements may narrow the field far more than most students expect.


Scholarships and grants for nursing students are incredibly common for several reasons. One, having a strong medical community ensures the health of residents. Second, there’s currently a nurse shortage, so organizations are using scholarships to attract capable students to the field.

Since nursing scholarships are widespread, most students interested in becoming a nurse can often find awards that could reduce their cost of college with relative ease. Here is a list of 48 scholarships for nursing students:

  1. AACN Continuing Professional Development Scholarship
  2. A Nurse I Am Scholarship
  3. AfterCollege-AACN Scholarship Fund
  4. T. Anderson Memorial Scholarship Program
  5. American Association of Colleges of Nursing Scholarships
  6. American Association of Occupational Health Nurses Professional Development Scholarships
  7. American Holistic Nurses Association Scholarships
  8. American Indian Nurse Scholarship Program
  9. American Nephrology Nurses Association Career Mobility Scholarships
  10. Army Medical Scholarships
  11. Army Nurse Corps Association (ANCA) Scholarship Program
  12. Barbara Rhomberg Nursing Scholarship
  13. BrightView Nursing Scholarship
  14. CCI Nursing Scholarship
  15. Delaware Nursing Incentive Program
  16. ENA Foundation Academic Scholarships
  17. com College Scholarship
  18. Genesis Healthcare Foundation Scholarships
  19. George B. Boland Nurses Training Scholarship Trust Fund
  20. Geraldine “Polly” Bednash Scholarship
  21. Hemophilia Federation of America Medical/Healthcare Services Educational Scholarship
  22. Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Chicago Academic Scholarship
  23. Kaiser Permanente Health Equity Scholars Program
  24. Landau Amaze Yourself Scholarship
  25. Law Offices of Joseph J. Bogdan, LLC Healthcare Professional Scholarship
  26. March of Dimes Graduate Nursing Scholarships
  27. Marsha’s Angels Scholarship Fund
  28. Meland Foundation Nursing Scholarship
  29. National Black Nurses Association Scholarships
  30. National CPR Foundation Scholarship Program
  31. Native Hawaiian Health Scholarship
  32. Nightingale Awards of Pennsylvania Nursing Scholarships
  33. Nurse Corps Scholarship Program
  34. org Nursing Student Scholarship
  35. Nurses Educational Funds Scholarship
  36. Nurses Make a Difference Scholarship
  37. Nursing Economic$ Foundation Scholarships
  38. Nurses Foundation of Wisconsin Mary Barker APRN Nursing Scholarship
  39. org Nursing Scholarship
  40. org Single Parent Nursing Scholarship
  41. org Underrepresented Student Nursing School Scholarship
  42. Nursing Foundation of Pennsylvania Scholarships
  43. Parthenon Wound Ostomy Continence Nursing Scholarship
  44. Promise of Nursing Scholarship
  45. R&D Systems Scholarship Application
  46. Save a Life Scholarship for Students of Healthcare and Education
  47. com Undergraduate Nursing Scholarship
  48. Test Yourself Scholarship
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